About Us

Plover is a venture-backed company with a simple mission: grow the market for event driven insurance, with a focus on climate risk.

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Our Mission

The increasing severity of climate events, permissive building practices, and regulatory challenges have combined to make our mission urgent. Admitted insurance markets in much of the US are broken. Mass admitted non-renewals in flood, storm and fire-prone areas are now common. 

Where admitted markets retreat, specialty markets must advance. And specialty brokers must bring these products to the tens of thousands of agents and millions of American businesses who need them.

To accomplish our mission, Plover has built a first-of-its-kind, software-enabled specialty brokerage focused on serving markets disrupted by climate change.  We increase the speed and lower the cost at which E&S coverages are distributed, making these products more available and affordable for buyers at scale. We help brokers win renewals and American companies buy the insurance they need to stay open for business.

How Plover Adds Value


Plover uses proprietary software to evaluate exposures, generate loss backtests, and recommend products.


Plover has a deep knowledge of underwriting appetites, trigger design options, and case scenario insights.


Plover will provide thoughtful analysis, feedback, and answers within 24-48 hours.